What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Read more.

What is a WOD?
WOD = Workout Of the Day.

What does Rx mean?
Rx refers to the prescribed WOD. (Prescription = Rx….yeah, funny.)

What does RFT mean?
RFT = Rounds (or Reps) For Time.

What is an AMRAP?
AMRAP = As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible. For more CrossFit terms click here.

Does every class do the same WOD each day?
Yes. Whether you attend the first class of the day or the last class of the day, everyone will be doing the same WOD.

Do I have to choose a class time and stick with it?
No, you are free to take any class at any time.

What does “scale” mean?
“Scale” means to scale back the workload, or modify the movements. Virtually everyone that starts CrossFit scales their weight and movements as they become more experienced. We stress the importance of scaling workouts until you feel absolutely comfortable with the movements and the technique that it requires to do them successfully on a consistent basis.

CrossFit requires a checking of egos at the door. Don’t worry about the person next to you. Don’t worry about doing everything perfectly. Make sure you have the opportunity to walk in and out of our doors injury-free. CrossFit isn’t going anywhere; there’s plenty of time to get stronger and fitter. Commit to getting better at one thing (no matter how small) every time you walk into The Swamp, and we guarantee a year from now, you’ll be shocked at your progress.

What if I can’t do the workout as prescribed?
Only about 15-20% of the global CrossFit community completes every WOD as it is prescribed. Prescribed, or Rx, can certainly be a goal of yours but it should by no means be a point of stress for you. You do what you can do, and you don’t worry about anyone else. This sustainable programming approach will keep you happy and healthy but always serve as a goal-setting mechanism in your development.

Do I need experience or need to be fit to start CrossFit?
No. One of the most amazing things about CrossFit is that it is universally scalable. You start where you start. Every WOD can be modified. Our goal is to get you fit faster than you would on your own. By modifying your workouts (weights and movements), we can still provide you with a high intensity workout that will keep you safe and put you in a position to be successful in every class that you attend. This does not require a universal fitness level – anyone can do this.

What are your membership options?
We offer one monthly membership option for group class attendance. It is $190. Read more here.

Is there any limit on the amount of times you can attend classes?
No; however, is critical that you take advantage of rest days to allow your body to recover. Overtraining is the single-biggest contributor to injury.

Why do you only have one membership option?
1. We believe that all of our members were created equal.
2. We don’t believe in limiting our members’ ability, motivation or state of fitness. If you are feeling great, and you want to come hit a WOD or an Olympic weightlifting session, we don’t want you to have to wait until the following week to do so because you have already “used up” your visits for the week.
3. We believe that it is up to our members to decide how much value they want to get out of their membership. Obviously, the more you train the more value you are receiving….and thus, the better shape you will be in.

Why are there three weeks of unlimited group classes included in the Foundations program package?
Ultimately, in order to truly assess CrossFit and decide if it is a long-term lifestyle choice for you, we believe you need to experience the group classes. Since most athletes will finish the Foundations program and jump right into group classes, we’ve built in three weeks for you to do so as part of the Foundations package. So, instead of charging you when you sign up for Foundations, and again upon completion as you move into group classes, we just charge $190 (the monthly group rate) for one week of Foundations plus three weeks of classes. Bottom line – this gives you the opportunity to experience group classes…and get a better deal.

How often should I train?
We recommend training two to three days in a row, followed by one day of rest. This will maximize your results and ensure proper recovery for your body. However, as mentioned above, we have a strict rule of training no more than three days in a row.

Are there any discounts?
Yes, 20% for students, military and all first responders. 10% for couples and/or families of 2 or more. No other discounts are offered and these discounts are only offered for the monthly membership. We do not offer discounts on Foundations.

Do you issue refunds?
No, we do not issue refunds unless it is a billing mistake on our end. For example, if your monthly membership bills on a certain date, and then you come to us one day later to tell us that you are canceling your membership, we are not issuing a refund. However, if you come to us on a certain date 72+ hours before your billing date to cancel your membership, but you are billed anyways, we will absolutely refund you the charges.

How do I get started?
Read this. We encourage you to walk in and check out the facility but please try to come in during non-class times. We want to meet you, but our first priority is the safety of and attention to our current athletes.

Do you offer personal training?
Yes. $75/hour with coaches Paddy, Mike, Anne, Colleen, Nick and Jon. 

Do you offer other classes aside from CrossFit?
We offer CrossFit group classes and SWEAT/bootcamp classes (no barbell). If you find you want more CrossFit or weightlifting training and/or volume, come talk to us and we can work with you to meet your goals. 

Am I going to get bulky?
Our goal is to provide you with world-class programming that will allow you to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. In order to get “bulky” you need to be very heavy on the weight training, and we will only be doing heavy weight training 1-3 times per week. Although weight training is a major component of CrossFit, it is still only a component. Regardless of your goals (lose weight, get stronger, stop smoking, become an elite athlete, etc.), our programming model will allow you to achieve what you are trying to do. And if for some reason you are not reaching your goals, please come talk to us. We are here to help you.