The global CrossFit community pays tribute to heroes from all over the world throughout the year with CrossFit WODs formed in their honor. As a CrossFit community based in Swampscott, we are passionate about doing the same for our local heroes as well. 

Join us on Saturday, July 6, 2019, for our third annual event honoring two Swampscott High School graduates, Jennifer Harris and Jared Raymond, with a community fitness fundraiser and BBQ to raise funds for the CrossFit The Swamp HERO Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Harris and Jared Raymond.

Event Details

Jen & Jared Hero Tribute
Saturday, July 6, 2019 at CrossFit The Swamp | 171 Essex St. | Swampscott, MA

9:30AM: Doors open - $25 suggested donation - cash, check or PayPal available

10AM: "Jen" - Open to ALL, kids and strollers welcome!
2 burpees, 7 air squats, 2.007 mile run/walk, 28 push-ups outside of Jen Harris' house

11AM: "Jared" - CrossFit workout open to CrossFitters
AMRAP 15 of 2 muscle ups, 24 burpees, 30 double unders (we will modify workout for ANYONE)

11:45AMish: Hang out, relax and enjoy BBQ, beverages, music and friends. 

Limited parking is available in The Swamp's lot and on the side streets. Ample parking is available across the street at Swampscott High School.


$25 suggested donation, but any amount welcome

100% of funds go to the CrossFit The Swamp HERO Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Harris and Jared Raymond, which will be awarded to one female and one male Swampscott High School senior in the Class of 2019.

Our Heroes

Jennifer Harris
USMC Captain
November 6, 1978 - February 7, 2007
Swampscott High School Class of 1996

Jen was born 11/6/78 to Raymond and Rosalie Harris and grew up on Elwin St. in Swampscott. She attended the Machon school, Swampscott Middle Schools and was a member of the graduating class of Swampscott High School in 1996. 

As a member of the national honor society, Jen also served as Drum major in the H.S. band. Jen had also volunteered her time for many charity's including Toys for tots, My Brother's Table, Salem Hospital and the walkathon to support MS. She was very active in the town's sailing program where she worked her way up to becoming an instructor.

After attending the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD Jennifer graduated as a 2nd Lt with the United States Marine Corps. She applied and was accepted to the Naval Aviation training program and received her wings as a fixed wing pilot and was later trained as a helicopter pilot. After completing training she was assigned to the CH-46 "Sea Knight" helicopter for the Marine Corps. 

Assigned to the HMM-364, this elite helicopter squadron is know as the "Purple Foxes". The unit was deployed to Iraq shortly after her assignment. In Iraq, her mission was to serve as a "CASEAC", or casualty evacuations of wounded troops. After her second tour she was promoted to Captain. After returning from a flight mission of troop evacuation, she learned upon landing that there was a dire need of blood supply that needed to be picked up for the troops she just rescued. Without hesitation she and her crew took off to go get the vital supplies. While en route to the pick up zone her helicopter was struck by a surface-to-air missile. It was reported that once the chopper was hit, it fought to remain in the air, but despite all her efforts the copter went down and all on board were lost. 

It is obvious that she was an incredible woman who served our nation with the highest level of patriotism. Her given call sign was "Dove" because she was always willing to take on the toughest challenges, yet handled all the adversity with grace and determination. Jennifer has left an impact on so many people and we now have the opportunity to honor her. 

Jared Raymond
February 24, 1986 - September 19, 2006
U.S. Army Specialist
Swampscott High School Class of 2004

Jared J. Raymond was born on February 24, 1986 to Jaclyn Raymond of Pitman Rd. Swampscott. He was a lifelong resident and attended the Hadley school, Swampscott Middle School and graduated in 2004 from Swampscott High School with a special interest of industrial arts. Growing up in Swampscott Jared was loyal Red Sox fan and developed a love for muscle cars. A lifelong dream of Jared's was to become a Boston Police Officer. This was no surprise to his family because of his unconditional will to help and protect those in need. 

On September 11, 2001 our country was changed forever. As a freshman at SHS Jared was impacted just as everyone else had been, but Jared left school that day telling his mother "I have to do something about this". He stayed true to those words and three years later in June of 2004 Jared enlisted into the United States Armed Services along with nine of his fellow classmates. Before graduating from high school Jared was known as a hard working young man that showed the respect and commitment to do what was necessary to become a police officer. 

While putting his life and goals on hold Jared started his career in the U.S. Army and was trained with the Army's tankers division. Jared was stationed in Iraq when he joined the global war on terror. He was an operator of the M-1 Abrams tank and his unit was directed to support an infantry regimen that was moving through Balad, Iraq. While on patrol Jared's tank struck by an I.E.D. and Jared lost his life. Jared was 20 years old. 

Prior to being deployed Jared had the support of his mother Jacki, grandparents Jack and Agnes, and uncle Jim. They were the influential people who helped Jared develop into the responsible, dedicated and loyal young man that put his life and dreams aside to fight for our country and the safety of the world in the war on terror. Jared was a loyal and committed person who touched so many lives despite being taken at such a young age. The Army's true motto is "Steadfast and Loyal" and that is exactly how Jared lived his life and it is most definitely how Jared is remembered.