Our mantra at The Swamp is to "Just Show Up." Everyone has days when they don't feel like working out, driving to the gym or hitting a particular workout. We believe that (most of the time), the solution is to just show up. Walk through the door, say hi to your friends and commit to moving around for an hour, and no doubt you'll walk out happy that you did.

At the beginning of every month we announce The Swamp's Committed Club to recognize those that showed up for 15+ classes in the previous month. Those that make the Committed Club for 12 straight months join the Kettlebell Club and receive a kettlebell of their weight choice, painted Swamp green and decorated with their name. 

Members that achieve 24 straight months of 15+ attendances join the Gold Kettlebell Club and receive a gold kettlebell to match. Members with 36 straight months of 15+ attendances (wow) join the Box Club and receive a customized box.

The Kettlebell Club was created to recognize and celebrate the hard work it takes to consistently just show up, week to week, month to month. It is a true symbol of commitment, motivation, dedication and drive.

Box Club

  • Joe Bennett

Gold Kettlebell Club

  • Melissa Baran
  • Greg D'Antona
  • Jen Lento
  • Steve Lento
  • Michael Kramer
  • Nick Markos
  • Wesley Pierce
  • Jen Riggeri

Kettlebell Club

  • Robbie Barreda
  • Scott Delano
  • Jack Giblin
  • Raquel Montenario
  • Zak Norton
  • Kevin Ramsay
  • Colleen Sachar