How old are you?

24 years old.

What is your occupation?

Business Owner - Mandee’s Pizza, Lynn MA

What month and year did you start CrossFit?

August 2017

What made you Join CrossFit?

When I joined the Swamp I had recently lost 35 pounds by doing way too much cardio and eating “healthy.” I was losing motivation going to the gym by myself every day with the same routine. I wanted to do so much more, but I had no idea how. I was definitely curious, wanted to take on the challenge, and it’s bad ass.

What were your original goals?

My original goal was to get healthier and learn how it was possible not to spend hours at the gym and still see results.

What is it about CrossFit (vs. other fitness alternatives) that has made you successful?

Everything. CrossFit has changed my life in such a positive way. The environment is motivating. One of the hardest things for me is finding something and sticking with it. I needed something with a fun atmosphere where I was able to push myself as hard as I can. The people around me became my friends. I never feel intimidated when I walk through the door and I’m doing things that I once thought were impossible. You have the freedom to modify any part of your workout so no matter what, as long as you show up, you’re improving and getting closer to your goals. CrossFit makes me attack my weaknesses which is what I’ve always been so afraid of,  but it keeps me honest and has truly made me an athlete. The coaches at The Swamp are amazing and have given me the support and knowledge I need to succeed each and every day.

What is the biggest factor in your success, and how do you maintain it?

Seeing results!! CrossFit produces measurable results that keep you motivated. In CrossFit I have measurable and repeatable data to literally PROVE I am getting better and fitter. Not only do I see and feel improvements physically, but my scores simply prove that I am getting better in each and every WOD.

How many classes do you attend each month?

About 5 times a week

Has nutrition played a role in your success?  If so, how? Be specific.

10000%. Nutrition is key and refueling and recovering is extremely important. I thought  by eating clean I was doing everything right, WRONG. I stopped seeing result for quite some time because I wasn’t giving my body what it needed. I recently joined a nutrition program called Black Iron Nutrition that has had a major influence on my journey. I’m eating so many more carbs (YASSS), I have so much more energy, I have more power and I’m absolutely killing my workouts. I always thought by not eating too many carbs and eating all the veggies was the way to go, but your body needs so much more than that. Drinking lots of water and fueling my body the right way, I feel so much more healthier, stronger and more focused at the Swamp, work and home.

How much weight have you lost since you joined The Swamp? Any other significant physical transformations?

I have lost 25 pounds since I joined The Swamp and have lost a total of 60 pounds since I started my fitness journey in October 2016.

What has been your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome it?

My biggest hurdle has always been comparing myself to others and beating myself up over not being who I wanted to be. Well to say the least that has definitely changed in such a positive way. I am definitely who I want to be. I still compare myself because I’m human, but only because I strive to be better and I’ve learned to push my weaknesses and make them my strengths. I remember when coach Paddy told me that I’m going to have to get used to dealing with being uncomfortable and I thought he was crazy (because he IS crazy) and that sounded terrible. Hate to admit it but he was 100% right. Forcing myself to be uncomfortable was the key to my success and forced me to realize how far I’ve come and keep setting small goals. My smallest accomplishments each day are the reason I’ve gained confidence.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?

Completely my first MURPH with my brother. Running has always been one of my biggest weaknesses and running 2 miles and adding a bunch of other stuff in-between and not walking was an incredible feeling. I remember wanting to stop but thinking about what the WOD was all about truly gave me the extra push to keep going.

How has this experience enriched other areas of your life?

Hard work pays off and that applies to just about everything in my life. My stamina is higher and my mental strength has improved tremendously. I’ve learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’ve learned to embrace failure, because failure is a part of growth and growth is a part of life. Things don’t necessarily get easier in life, but with time and experience I become better.

If you could send yourself advice 10 years ago what would you say?

I would tell myself enough with the excuses and go find a CrossFit gym, make some small goals to start, make new friends, eat clean, and happiness will follow.

Accomplishment(s) you are most proud of since joining?

I’m happy, confident and proud of who I am and where I am and I’m not afraid of running anymore!!!! 

What are your current goals?

My current goals are simple. Keep eating clean and showing up and working as hard as I can and stay happy! I want to work on my gymnastic movements and keep pushing  my weaknesses.

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting CrossFIt?

This is where it gets emotional for me. CrossFit The Swamp saved me and made me truly love who I am. I was always a chubby kid growing up who never had the confidence I should have, especially always comparing myself to others. I was definitely harsh on myself, but The Swamp gave me confidence to know that I can do things that I never thought I would do, and to know that I would look and feel amazing because I am truly happy being me. The coaches are beyond supportive and really want to see you succeed which is what is so incredible about The Swamp. We have the best community that just wants to do the best we can and help whoever we can. I can’t thank Crossfit The Swamp enough for all they have done in my life in such a short time, and trust me, the moment you walk through those doors, you will never look back.

What would you hope your CrossFit Future holds?

Many more years of getting better and stronger.