The 2015 Open

Open 15 With the Open upon us we wanted to post a few answers to some FAQs:

When can I hit the Open workouts? - We will be hitting the Open workouts on Friday in every class as well as in an open gym-style format from 5PM until the last athlete finishes.  There will be a makeup day for athletes on Sunday from 10-11AM.  Under NO circumstances are you allowed to hit an open workout during a class on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

* Just because it is the Open DOES NOT mean you can exceed three days in a row. Non-negotiable.*

Judging - Each athlete will be asked to judge a partner during the Open workout.  Your job as judge is to make sure athletes are completing full ranges of motion and completing the standards of each movement.  As a judge it is your responsibility to be assertive and communicate with your athlete on no reps (and what caused the no rep, e.g. wall ball missed the target).

Submitting Scores - In order for a score to be valid you must have your workout done with a judge as well as a certified judge (Mike or Paddy) present.  After completing the workout, you will sign into your profile online and submit your score, which will then be verified and confirmed by Mike or Paddy.  If for some reason you cannot complete the workout at The Swamp you may complete it at ANY CrossFit affiliate with a certified judge. When submitting your score you will have to put the name of that gym as well as the certified judge that was present. The Swamp cannot verify any workouts not completed here.

What it's all about Here is a little write-up from one of our Swamp things, Matt O'Keefe....I don't think I could say it better myself:

"So here's the deal Swamp things. Why sign up for the open? You might look back and say well if a workout with DUs comes out I won't be able to do them. Well I would argue that is exactly why you do the open. No one at our gym is going to regionals. We aren't putting a team together for Regionals either, so we are all in the same boat. Measurable baselines. These workouts will expose weaknesses and more importantly set baselines for you to look back at and improve upon. You will go back to these workouts over the years and baffle yourself. I started crossfit in 2012, right at the start of the open. I remember 12.2 and 12.4 like it was yesterday. 12.2 was a snatch ladder with assending weights. I couldn't snatch 135 for 1 rep. 12.4 was wall balls double unders and muscle ups. Andrew Fodera and I judged for each other and were in the same boat on this. We could barely do DU's had to do them one at a time. I have gone back on these workouts and it is a perfect measure of how far I have come. Its awesome. Do the Open no matter how scared you are or how little you think of where you are. Set benchmarks. You will laugh 2 years from now at your numbers on these workouts. It is a ton of fun too. I promise. Lets get a huge crew to sign up and have some fun with this as a community."