3 Year Anniversary - Thank You

How far we have come...

How far we have come...

The doors of The Swamp opened at 4:30am on Monday, November 11, 2013 and we haven't looked back since. This has been the most amazing 3 years of our lives. To see this community grow, both in size and strength, over the last 3 years, has been nothing short of spectacular. We see great things every day. We see people showing up consistently, we see people stepping outside of their comfort zones, we see people making friends, we see them doing things they would never do outside of our walls, we see them being great teammates, we see people high-fiving each other, we see people hugging each other, and we see people constantly doing the right thing over and over again. Each one of you brings something special every time you walk through our doors, and you give something to someone else. It may be a smile, it may be reassurance, it may be hope, it may be inspiration, it may be all of that and more. Make no mistake, whether you realize it or not, you are helping other people better themselves. The Swamp is alive and well because you guys show up and consistently give everything you have physically and emotionally. Thank you. Please keep doing that.

We do what we do as owners and coaches because we absolutely love this lifestyle. The opportunity to work alongside great people, with the goal of us all becoming better human beings, is something that we are grateful for every single day. Being around you on a daily basis is the greatest gift we could have ever asked for. We train together, we sweat together, we laugh together, we sometimes cry together (yup), but most of all we have fun together. This community is a lot of fun because of the people that it is comprised of. Thank you for investing in your health, thank you for trusting us to help you get there, thank you for treating everyone with respect, and thank you for being loyal friends. We appreciate everything you give to this community. We are here because of you.

Happy 3rd Birthday CrossFit The Swamp!

Thank you.