Before & After - Mike "MGD" Gil Duran

Mike Gil DuranMike Gil Duran, or "MGD" as he likes to be called....part of the bad ass 5am crew.

The photo on the left is of MGD from November. The photo on the right is from last week with his mom. He lost about ten pounds prior to starting Foundations at The Swamp on December 30th. Since then, MGD has been a staple at the 5am class. He has lost TWENTY pounds since he started CrossFit. A lot of us have different goals inside and outside the walls of this box. Mike wanted to get healthier, and stronger, and in the process has lost weight. Good things happen when you keep it simple and just worry about showing up and putting in the work. We all have so much going on in our lives, but getting to class sometimes comes down to whether you press the snooze button or not. Mike chooses not to do that. He participated in the January paleo challenge, he is working incredibly hard, he is improving on all his lifts, and he is moving much faster than when he started. We have so many great stories to tell on a daily basis, but Mike was brave enough to share this photo with us all because 1) he is proud of what he has accomplished thus far, 2) is looking forward to building on it, and 3) he wants to inspire others. We are very proud of Mike and his commitment to getting a little bit better each and every day. Thank you for sharing, MGD. We appreciate it brother.