Committed Club - April 2016

Congratulations to our April 2016 Committed Club members, ESPECIALLY our two great friends Melissa Baran and Joe Bennett, who both achieved Gold Club status by making the Committed Club 24 straight months!!!! Incredible commitment Melissa and Joe....with busy lives, work, family, vacations, minor tweaks/injuries here and there, etc, it truly is an unbelievable accomplishment! They join "The Mayor" Wes Pierce in this prestigious club, and gold kettlebells will be erected in their honor. The Swamp is a part of your life everyday and you are a part of ours, and we are all very grateful. Please make sure to congratulate these two fine people when you see them.

Gregory D'Antona                    22
Nick Markos                              21
Karen Symanowicz                   19
Melissa Baran                            19
Stephen Lento                          19
Tony Marfongelli                       19
Brian Poth                                 18
Jennifer Lento                          18
Max Solomon                            18
Val Grimes                                18
Brendan Finnegan                    17
Caleb Mazow                            17
Lainey Muller                            17
Mike Gil Duran                          17
Anne Moore                              16
Joe Bennett                              16
Joel McNamee                          16
Kylynn McKinley                       16
Rene LaPlante                          16
Beverly Sharrio                         15
Darlene Kelly                            15
Ivan Sokol                                 15
Jennifer Riggieri                       15
Jenny Ozug                               15
Jimmy Nguyen                          15
Joe Barber                                15
Johnny Zimmerman-Ward        15
Juana Paulino                            15
Judy Cassidy                             15
Kerry Carr                                  15
Lauren Anderson                      15
Luis Benzan                               15
Michael Kramer                         15
Patty Johnson                           15
Rob Barreda                              15
Tristan Smith                             15
Wes Pierce                                15
Zak Norton                                15

1) If you know you should be on this, and you keep track of your class visits, then please email me ( with your attendances. I will make the adjustments.
2) If #1 applies to you....this should be good motivation to learn how to check in on your own like several of the folks on this list do every day.