Committed Club - April 2017

Joe B. and one of his lovely ladies, Bailey.

Joe B. and one of his lovely ladies, Bailey.

Congratulations to our April 2017 Committed Club members with 15+ attendances. As most of you know, anyone that attends 15+ classes for 12 straight months earns a green kettlebell and becomes a member of The Swamp Kettlebell Club (13 members). Anyone that goes 24 straight months with 12+ attendances receives a Gold Kettlebell (2 members). Anyone that goes THREE YEARS???? Well, it's never been done.....

Until now....Congratulations Mr. Joe Bennett. Your reward will be coming to you in a few months (hopefully, wink wink). Thank you for your friendship, your loyalty, your help (especially on the grill), your support, the laughs, the pain faces, the judging (athletes too), the incessant refreshing of the website, the organizing of the Gents nights, and all of the other wonderful things that you bring to this community. Thank you for your 3-year commitment. I know it means a lot to you. It means a lot to us, and we are all very proud of you. You're the man, Senator.



Gordon Henriksen                     20
Gregory D'Antona                     20
Jennifer Riggieri                        20
William DeBettencourt              19
Cassidy Noonan                         18
Joe Bennett                               18
Marcelo Filho                             18
Patty Johnson                            17
Todd Longin                               17
Adam Drolet                              16
Brian Poth                                  16
Carmen Dinca                            16
Ging Chheang                            16
Gleidilene De Souza Rocha       16
Nick Markos                               16
Samantha Roy                           16
Tony Marfongelli                        16
Augustina Ativie                        15
Chris Foster                                15
Darlene Kelly                              15
Elias Demakes                            15
Jared Crafton                             15
Jennifer Lento                            15
Joanne Blake                              15
Joel McNamee                            15
Judy Dudevoir                            15
Kevin Ramsay                             15
Lisbeth Martinez                         15
Magen Schaiberger                    15
Marc Carbone                             15
Michael Kramer                           15
Ryan Degrass                              15
Stephen Lento                            15
Teghpal Singh                             15