Committed Club - April 2018

April Committed Club pic.JPG

Congratulations to all of our Committed Club members. A special congratulations Lauren Anderson, who joins the esteemed Swamp Kettlebell Club with 12 straight months of 15+ class attendances. Lauren is someone that has battled nagging injuries over the last year+ and has worked with us on a daily basis to come up with the appropriate modifications and scales to maintain the right level of intensity, while keeping her walking through the door the next day. It would have been very easy for Lauren to become discouraged and just walk away. Many, many people have in the past five years. She's not that person. She shows up to the 5pm religiously and never complains. She has a discussion with us at the front desk before class, we come up with a plan, and she just goes to work and has fun. She is the embodiment of CrossFit. Relentlessness and perseverance at its best. Someone who loves this community so much, loves being around everyone, and will not let anything get in the way of that. We love you Lauren. Congratulations. #EARNED


Dylan DePasquale                      21
Guido Patrizzi                             21
Macaulay Robins                        20
Nick Markos                                20
Jennifer Lento                             19
Michael Kramer                           19
Bella Seligson                              18
Ging Chheang                             18
Gregory D'Antona                       18
Jesselynn Barber                         18
Joe Barber                                   18
Lauren Anderson                         18
Mike Burrows                               18
Raquel Montenario                      18
Joanne Blake                               17
Anne Moore                                 16
Austin Antrim                              16
Damon Seligson                          16
Jennifer Riggieri                          16
Patty Johnson                              16
Preston Lemanski                         16
Rebecca Von Barta                       16
Brian Poth                                     15
Colleen Sachar                              15
Elizabeth Guenard                        15
Matthew Lyberg                            15
Orest Manzi                                   15
Shira Dragun                                 15
Stephen Lento                               15
Teghpal Singh                                15
Theresa Duggan                             15
Todd Longin                                   15