December 2013 Committed Club


Founding member Nick Ambrozaitis getting ready to go HAM.

A big shout out to the following members who make up our Top 10 list of most attended classes in the month of December (# in parentheses)....aka Committed Club. As we build this community together, it is important to recognize those that are showing up consistently....and checking in. It comes as no surprise that most of these athletes are extremely active on the blog every day as well. Paddy, Jenna, and I are blown away by the level of engagement from the ENTIRE community. You guys are not only showing up, but you are passionate about being coached, learning, supporting each other, and getting better each and every day. We are very excited about the progress we are all going to make together in 2014. Happy New Year!

Committed Club - December 2013

Nick Ambrozaitis (21)
Emery Green (18)
Colleen Sachar (18)
Manny Alcantara (17)
Melissa Baran (17)
Adam St. John (16)
Anne Moore (16)
Chuck Rodrigues (16)
Luis Abreu (16)
Wes Pierce (15)