Committed Club - December 2014

Mike Smith picThis is what Mike Smith used to do on deadlift days before he joined The Swamp....

HUGE congratulations to Mike Smith on becoming the third member (Colleen Sachar, Wes Pierce) of The Swamp's Kettlebell Club....twelve straight months of making the Committed Club. Very impressive, Mike. Congrats brother!

Congratulations to everyone that made the Committed Club for December 2014. Great work guys. Keep up the excellent work.

December 2014
Member Attendance Count
Jackie Collier 20
Jonathan Shannon 20
Kelly Murphy 19
Michael Smith 19
Melissa Baran 19
Kevin Ramsay 19
Karen Symanowicz 18
Kylynn McKinley 18
Andrew Fodera 17
Joe Bennett 17
Paul Grassie 17
Anne Moore 17
Wes Pierce 17
Damon Seligson 16
Max Solomon 16
Colleen Sachar 16
Zak Norton 16
Mike Gil Duran 16
Keith Olbash 15
Ashley Pierce 15
Melissa Morehouse 15
Chris Vasiliou 15
Adam Groothuis 15
Rob Barreda 15
Yanira Pizarro 15
Luis Benzan 15
Sherri Cole 15
Bogdan Suciu 15