Committed Club - December 2017


Congratulations to all of our December 2017 Committed Club members. December is traditionally a difficult month with so much going on for all of us. To the folks that made it happen, great job committing to get to the gym regardless. The Committed Club is designed to be a motivating factor for us to Just Show Up. If you show up 15+ times per month for 12 straight months, we give you a green kettlebell as part of your induction into The Swamp Kettlebell Club. You do it for 24 straight months, you get a gold kettlebell.

It's 2018 now, let's get back in gear. Let's GOOOOO!!!!!

(As always, if there are folks that we left off this list by mistake because you were not checked in to a class, do not hesitate to reach out to with the dates and time(s) that you did not get credit for.)

Committed Club - December 2017

Gregory D'Antona                21
Joel McNamee                      21
Brian Poth                             19
Jennifer Lento                       19
Lauren Anderson                  19
Todd Longin                          19
William DeBettencourt         19
Raquel Montenario                18
Chuck Sinclair                        17
Jared Crafton                         17
Joanne Blake                          17
Macaulay Robins                    17
Michael Kramer                      17
Mike Burrows                          17
Anne Moore                            16
Nick Markos                            16
Stephen Lento                        16
Bella Seligson                         15
Damon Seligson                     15
Darlene Kelly                          15
Elias Demakes                         15
Elizabeth Guenard                  15
Jack Giblin                              15
Jennifer Riggieri                     15
Johnny Zimmerman-Ward      15
Teghpal Singh                         15
Theresa Duggan                      15