Committed Club - February 2015

show up and work Congratulations to our February Committed Club members!! (The Kettlebell Club watch is on for Jackie Collier and Kevin Ramsay....if you don't know what the Kettlebell Club is, ask Colleen Sachar, Mike Smith, or Wes "The Mayor" Pierce. We still have to decorate their bells though.)

February 2015
Member Attendance Count
Jackie Collier 20
Joe Bennett 19
Melissa Baran 18
Wes Pierce 17
Kelly Murphy 16
Kevin Ramsay 16
Kylynn McKinley 16
Zak Norton 16
Scott Delano 15
Gordon Henriksen 15
Ian McKinley 15
Patty Johnson 15
Karen Symanowicz 15
Jonathan Shannon 15
Michael Smith 15