Committed Club - February 2016

11952922_10206686796002664_3763856931063813383_oRaquel Montenario, representing her Brazilian heritage and their love for the game of futbol. jack giblin buoy Jack Giblin, who works at the Eastern Yacht Club, just hangin' on the Marblehead Bell Buoy.

What is the Committed Club? It's a monthly-driven list of committed individuals that attend 15+ classes in the month. If you do that for 12 straight months, you join the prestigious Kettlebell Club and you get your own personalized green kettlebell.

This month, we are adding 2 more special people to that group....Raquel Montenario and Jack Giblin!!!

Jack is a 21-year old Marblehead native that is going to school at UMass-Boston. He is an incredibly nice, honest, respectful, hard-working dude that we are very proud to have representing The Swamp on a daily basis. He came in to this community and has been a fixture from the very beginning. He just always shows up, while juggling a busy work and school schedule. Let's all congratulate Jack on his induction into the Swamp Kettlebell Club. Keep it going man!!

Raquel, who lives in Lynn and hails from Rio de Janiero, is a married mother of 2 boys. She is a fixture in our 5am crew of badass early birds. She is one of the nicest people you will ever sweet, so humble, so thoughtful, and so full of life. She helped organize our holiday donations for children's gifts through the non-profit Samaritan's Purse this past December. She is also someone that we have to constantly push to add more weight because she doesn't know how strong she is! Raquel is truly someone that would take the shirt off her back to help you out, and we are so pumped that she is a part of this community, and someone that sets a great example for others. Congrats Raquel!!

Now it's time for 24 months straight Jack and Raquel!!

Congratulations to all of our February 2016 Committed Club members!!!

Jennifer Lento                              20 Karen Symanowicz                      20 Gregory D'Antona                        19 Joe Bennett                                    19 Todd Longin                                  19 Caleb Mazow                                 18 Chris Foster                                   18 Joel McNamee                              18 Lainey Muller                                18 Melissa Baran                               18 Rob Barreda                                  18 Zak Norton                                    18 Colleen Sachar                              17 Jennifer Riggieri                           17 Johnny Zimmerman-Ward        17 Michael Kramer                            17 Nick Markos                                  17 Wes Pierce                                     17 Brendan Nolan                             16 Chuck Sinclair                              16 Elias Demakes                              16 Juana Paulino                               16 Kerry Carr                                      16 Mike Burrows                               16 Raquel Montenario                      16 Stephen Lento                               16 Vanessa Campbell                        16 Danny Blake                                  15 Jack Giblin                                     15 Joe Barber                                      15 Kylynn McKinley                          15 Lauren Anderson                          15 Libby Spath                                    15 Mike Gil Duran                             15 Nina Molchanova                         15