Member Profile - Wes "The Mayor" Pierce

wes with gold kb As many of you know, Wes "The Mayor" Pierce is a friend to many at The Swamp...possibly his most endearing quality which is one of the reasons we call him The Mayor. I mean, let's be honest, if we had to vote for a Mayor at The Swamp and Wes was on the ballot, who WOULDN'T vote for him, right? Well, Wes has been our good friend from the very beginning when his CrossFit journey began and Swamp Life was born. We started our Committed Club (15+ attendances in a month) in December 2013 because November was a shortened month. Wes made his first Committed Club that December 2013....and has made it EVERY MONTH SINCE....27 straight months of 15+ attendances. As far as The Swamp goes, you do not get more committed than that (although Melissa "Big Guns" Baran is right behind him). This is an incredible accomplishment and we are excited to award Wes with the first-ever Gold Kettlebell Club distinction. As a tribute to this incredible achievement, we figured it was only fitting to open you folks up to the World of Wes. So we put together 20 questions for him. Some are basic, demographic questions. Others, predominantly created by the imaginative and warped brain of Paddy, will open you up to the inner workings of an intelligent, complex, funny, and pensive man that only an aged bottle of Kentucky bourbon and a snifter with one cube of ice are allowed to get this close to. We are lucky. Enjoy.

1) What city/town were you born? Canton, MI. 2) What city/town did you grow up in? Graduated high school in Fenton, MI. (On a side note, I spent my primary grades in Grand Blanc, MI, which is also were Patty Johnson grew up.) 3) How many siblings do you have? Three. Sister, step-brother, and step-sister

4) What college did you attend? Michigan State (BA) and Columbia (MA)

5) What do you do for work? Assistant Director of Special Education (Revere)

6) How did you meet your wife Holly? Teaching summer school in Chicago

7) What city/town do you live in? The Great City of Sin

8) How did you hear about The Swamp? Driving by.

9) Why did you start CrossFit? I have always enjoyed being active but never really got into the “gym thing.”   Watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN piqued my interest. The combination of weights and cardio looked entertaining.

10) What made you realize that CrossFit was what you were going to commit to? First and most important, it was The Swamp. I effing love The Swamp! This type of physical activity was novel to me and there were certainly days I left thinking, “No thank you, this sh$t is crazy.” But it was The Swamp community that kept me walking in the door those first few months. After those first few months, I embraced and even fell in love with the crazy. In terms of Crossfit itself, I enjoy the programming around the workouts. One, I’m glad I don’t have to program, just show up and move. And two, it is awesome the programming is repeatable so you can see your progress.

11) What are your top 2-3 most memorable moments since joining The Swamp? The astronaut couple from the Halloween Bar Crawl.   Do I really need to explain why? First time we hit Murph. It was one of my first large-group Hero WOD. Dude’s talk beforehand was humbling and awe-inspiring. Really emphasized how the point of CrossFit, and more importantly life, is about those around you.   After the 10-second count down, the energy in the building was absolutely amazing. What a great day.

12) Is there one workout that you can remember more than others? "Murph"

13) If you could instantly write a platinum record, what genre of music would it be and which coach would you take on tour with you? Rock. Paddy, with his OCD, I bet he would keep a pretty clean tour bus.

14) It's 5am....all the coaches alarms don't go off, everyone is there and you're in charge....what's the workout (assume we forgot to lock the door and you got Mike's permission) This happened, except the unlocked door. We called it “Dude’s Alarm Clock” and it was 4 RFT of a 400m run, 5 push-ups, 10 car mat situps and 15 air squats. We should increase the reps next time, but our first attempt at programming was not half bad. 

15) You can have any superpower in the world for a day...what do you go with and what's the first thing you do? Stop time. Shave half of Zak’s beard mid-workout.

16) You are setting a dinner party and can have any 5 guests dead or alive...who's there and what's for dinner? There are a lot wonderful people throughout history that would make great dinner guests. For me, I’ll go with folks who are more personally relevant.   The last five generations of Pierce gentlemen (my father through my great, great, great-grandfather) but with all of us being in our mid-thirties. It would certainly be one handsome bunch. Not sure about the dinner, most likely something deep-fried. We would absolutely follow up dinner with a little bar hopping. Look out ladies.

17) If you had the ability to travel in time, just once, to witness any event in time, what event would you witness? When Mary told Joe she was pregnant. Had to be an interesting conversation.

18) Describe each coach in one word. Dude: Generous Paddy: Obsessive Anne: Beast Tibbo: Caffeinated

19) If you could only pick one for the rest of your life, what would you choose....bourbon or CrossFit? What’s the bourbon?

20) Would you rather fight 1 Paddy-size Jax or 100 Jax-size Paddys? With the way young Jax can smash a PVC pipe, I’ll take my chances with a 100 little Paddys (and a giant bag of skittles).

Whew, I'm exhausted. Thank you Wes. We love you! Thank you for your commitment, loyalty, support, and hard work. You embody everything we strive to create on a daily basis here at The Swamp. To many more great years together, our friend!