Committed Club - January 2018

Puzzo in the middle of the Jen and Damon H.A.M. sandwich. #puzzoinaweofnotpuzzo

Puzzo in the middle of the Jen and Damon H.A.M. sandwich. #puzzoinaweofnotpuzzo

Congratulations to all of our Committed Club members for January 2018. Make no mistake, this winter has beat a lot of us down. Cold, sick, lack of motivation, whatever. It's time to put the excuses behind us and get our proverbial sh#t together. It's mid-February, there isn't a snowflake in sight, and we are knocking on beach season. That means you make it a priority the night before (at the latest), you get organized, you get your sleep, and you don't let any outside factors derail your plan. That's what puts these people on this list. No one said it was easy, but it's definitely not complicated. Keep it simple. Just Show Up. Good things happen when you know that.

The annual CrossFit Open is upon us, starting next Thursday, February 22nd. You can sign up at The CrossFit Games website. It's always a great a time of year in the CrossFit community but more specifically our affiliate. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the coaches.

COMMITTED CLUB - January 2018

Gregory D'Antona                23
Chuck Sinclair                      20
Jennifer Lento                      20
Lauren Anderson                  20
Jennifer Riggieri                    19
Teghpal Singh                        19
Brian Poth                              18
Macaulay Robins                    18
Nick Markos                           18
Raquel Montenario                18
Tony Marfongelli                    18
William DeBettencourt          18
Darlene Kelly                          17
Stephen Lento                        17
Todd Longin                            17
Beverly Sharrio                       16
Danny Blake                            16
Elizabeth Guenard                  16
Jared Crafton                          16
Joanne Blake                           16
Michael Kramer                       16
Mike Burrows                           16
Anne Moore                             15
Brendan Nolan                         15
Eric Guenard                            15
Ging Chheang                          15
Michael Hatzipetros                 15
Theresa Duggan                       15