Committed Club - July 2016

Congratulations to the following members for their dedication to their training in the month of July. A special CONGRATULATIONS to the newest member of The Kettlebell Club, Jen Lento. Jen works full-time and is a mom to two boys, so her dedication to getting fit and staying healthy is as real as it gets! It would be impossible to ignore the progress that she has made since she joined. She's moving great, she looks great, and she feels great....a testament to the hard work and commitment that she puts in. Welcome to the club Jen!

To be part of the Committed Club, you must check in to 15+ classes in a month. 12 straight months of Committed Club and you are part of the Swamp Kettlebell Club, with your own personalized green kettlebell!

July 2016 Committed Club

Gregory D'Antona                21
Jennifer Riggieri                   20
Marc Carbone                       20
Nick Markos                          20
Joel McNamee                       19
Marcelo Filho                        19
Todd Longin                          19
Michael Paci                           18
Colleen Sachar                       18
Hugo Jaramillo                       17
Joanne Blake                          18
Joe Bennett                            18
Karen Symanowicz                 17
Gabriel Sanchez                     16
Kerry Carr                               16
Kylynn McKinley                     16
Lauren Anderson                    16
Libby Spath                            16
Melissa Baran                          17
Michael Kramer                       17
Rene LaPlante                         16
Stephen Lento                         16
Alex Quinton                           15
Brendan Finnegan                   15
Danny Blake                            15
Emery Green                           15
Jennifer Lento                         15
Judy Cassidy                           15
Justin Desalvo                         15
Matt Prokator                          15
Mercy Mbuthia                        15
Rob Barreda                            15
Roberto Miranda                     15
Val Grimes                               15