Committed Club - July 2017

A big congratulations to all of those that put in the time in July to make this July 2017 Committed Club. I want to apologize for the extreme delay in posting this's been a hectic few weeks. (If you have two kids, one of which is 10 weeks old, you understand.)

I'd especially like to apologize to our good buddy Nick Markos, who waited patiently for me to post this. Nick has made this list for 24 STRAIGHT MONTHS. of a group of six now. Even as Nick has opened up a business this past year, he has still managed to make this Committed Club every single month. It takes passion, it takes a love for CrossFit, an attraction to being around great people on a consistent basis, it takes preparation on multiple levels, it takes drive, and it takes accountability. Nick has all of these things, and more. Anyone that knows Nick knows that he's as genuine as it gets, he's straightforward, he's a hard worker, he cares about people, he's thoughtful, and he is someone that has a strong desire to do the right thing, no matter how many people are around. That's why we asked Nick a while ago if he wanted to be the next coach at The Swamp....and thankfully for us....he has recently accepted. He will be starting his apprenticeship soon. We look forward to the journey together.


Joel McNamee                 22
Gregory D'Antona            21
Gabriel Sanchez               20
Brian Poth                         19
Teghpal Singh                   19
Mike Burrows                    18
Stephen Lento                  18
Jennifer Lento                  18
Todd Longin                     18
Mimi Adams                      17
Anne Moore                      17
Lauren Anderson              17
Marc Carbone                   17
William DeBettencourt     17
Justin Desalvo                   17
Michael Kramer                 17
Nick Markos                      17
Cassidy Noonan                17
Jennifer Riggieri               16
Colleen Sachar                  16
Kylynn McKinley                16
Melissa Baran                     16
Ryan Delpero                     16
Darlene Kelly                      15
Elizabeth Guenard             15
Matt Fitzpatrick                  15
Nina Molchanova                15
Samantha Roy                    15
Alex Quinton                       15