Committed Club - June 2016

Get in a routine. Make it a habit. See the results.

Get in a routine. Make it a habit. See the results.

Congratulations to our June 2016 Committed Club members. 49 athletes on this list! A special congratulations to the three newest members of our Swamp Kettlebell Club....Nick MarkosMike Kramer, and Karen Symanowicz. This exclusive club consists of any member that makes the Committed Club for 12 straight months. This woman and two gentlemen are constants at The Swamp every day, week, and month. They are great people, very hard workers, and they'll do anything you tell them to do.....well, one of them will. 

It's only fitting that Nick and Mike make it the same month since they live so close to each other. Nick came to us via Kramer, and he's been a constant at The Swamp since he and his family moved to Swampscott from Miami. Nick and Greg D'Antona race to the gym every morning at 5am, which is pretty cute. Nick is an extremely driven, professional dedicated, unselfish human being with a strong moral compass and an extremely high level of integrity. We are lucky to have him. Congrats my friend.

There are a handful of people in my life that I remember the first time I met wife, my in-laws....Kramer. Yeah, I remember it clearly. Thankfully it was over the phone. Krames had to step away from CrossFit because he thought he was 18 years old for the first 6 months of his CrossFit journey and got into some trouble. We told him to come back, trust us, follow the program, don't overtrain, and you'll be able to do this for the rest of your life. He's done that, and now I am writing this post. The progress is real. Mike would give the shirt off his back for anyone in this community, and he's a great ambassador for The Swamp.

For most of Karen's tenure at The Swamp, she has been a regular at the LPC (Noon class). She has helped us with our website, she has helped us with social media, she has taken more pictures of our coaching staff than anyone else in the world, and she has worked her butt off to get where she is today. She has battled annoying injuries here and there in the course of this 12 months, and that did not deter her from finding a way to show up and put in the work, even if it meant modifying things regularly (which can be annoying but vital). She's worked her weaknesses, she's taken on challenges, she's failed a bunch, she's succeeded a whole lot more, and she's gotten a lot better in the process. Congratulations Karen!

Thank you boys and girl. The Swamp loves you.


Gregory D'Antona                   23
Jennifer Riggieri                      21
Marcelo Filho                           21
Nick Markos                             21
Jennifer Lento                         19
Joanne Blake                           19
Marc Carbone                          19
Max Solomon                           19
Michael Paci                             19
Carmen Dinca                          18
Charlie Sneirson                       18
Danny Blake                             18
Daveth Cheth                           18
Joe Bennett                             18
Joel McNamee                         18
Melissa Baran                           18
Patty Johnson                          18
Stephen Lento                         18
Alex Quinton                            17
Anne Moore                             17
Brendan Nolan                         17
Brian Poth                                17
Colleen Sachar                         17
Emery Green                            17
Karen Symanowicz                  17
Lainey Muller                            17
Lauren Anderson                     17
Michael Kramer                        17
Rene LaPlante                          17
Todd Longin                             17
Val Grimes                                17
Beverly Sharrio                         16
Johnny Zimmerman-Ward       16
Jonathan Shannon                   16
Kerry Carr                                 16
Raquel Montenario                   16
Roberto Miranda                      16
Aliza Friedman                         15
Brandon Cali                             15
Jesselynn Barber                      15
Judy Cassidy                            15
Kylynn McKinley                       15
Libby Spath                              15
Paul Grassie                              15
Rob Barreda                             15
Todd Flannery                          15
Tom Doyle                                15
Vanessa Campbell                    15