Committed Club - May 2016



Congratulations to our May 2016 Committed Club. Special congratulations to Jen Riggieri and Greg D'Antona for accomplishing a goal that they put into action one year ago. Jen and Greg are the newest additions to The Swamp Kettlebell Club. They made the Committed Club (15+ attendances) for 12 straight months!!! Huge. Jen and Greg both have families, both have jobs, and both show up A LOT at 5am to throw down. We love the two of these athletes as they stand for every letter in the word COMMITMENT. Thank you for your loyalty and your commitment. You guys are absolute rock stars and we are very proud that you are such positive ambassadors of this community.

I also want to point out three newer athletes that crushed it this month....much like Jen and Greg did as soon as they joined. Marcelo Filho (22), Michael Paci (20), and Marc Carbone (16) all made the Committed Club in there first full month at The Swamp. That is how you do it, folks. Get in, get in a routine, and stay committed right from the get-go. The three of them are already seeing major gains. Great work guys!!

Committed Club - May 2016

Gregory D'Antona        22

Joanne Blake                  22

Marcelo Filho                  22

Nick Markos                    22

Jennifer Riggieri             21

Joe Bennett                    21

Magen Schaiberger        21

Stephen Lento                21

Todd Longin                    21

Beverly Sharrio               20

Kerry Carr                       20

Michael Paci                    20

Alex Quinton                   19

Darlene Kelly                   19

Elias Demakes                 19

Joel McNamee                 19

Katelynn Fanning             19

Melissa Baran                   19

Michael Kramer                19

Patty Johnson                  19

Roberto Miranda              19

Val Grimes                        19

Aldric Baibay                    18

Caleb Mazow                    18

Jennifer Lento                   18

Jenny Ozug                       18

Kylynn McKinley                18

Lauren Anderson               18

Libby Spath                        18

Mike Gil Duran                    18

Tyler Howrigan                   18

Aliza Friedman                   17

Brendan Nolan                    17

Brian Poth                           17

Chris Foster                         17

Jenna Dudevoir                   17

Juana Paulino                      17

Judy Cassidy                       17

Max Solomon                       17

Raquel Montenario              17

Anne Quagrello                   16

Brendan Finnegan               16

Colleen Sachar                     16

Danny Blake                         16

Daveth Cheth                       16

Emery Green                        16

Jason Trinque                       16

Jimmy Nguyen                      16

Joe Barber                            16

Karen Symanowicz               16

Lainey Muller                         16

Manny Alcantara                   16

Marc Carbone                        16

Rob Barreda                          16

Anne Moore                           15

Carmen Dinca                        15

Heather Bush                         15

Hugo Jaramillo                       15

Ivan Sokol                               15

Lynne Sullivan                         15

Nina Molchanova                    15

Paul Grassie                            15