Committed Club - May 2017

24 straight months in the Committed Club for these two gabronis!!!

24 straight months in the Committed Club for these two gabronis!!!

Our largest Committed Club in quite some time....51 athletes on this list. HUGE!! Awesome work everyone!

It's one thing to say you made the Committed Club a few months in a row. It's even better when you've done it for 6-9 months. You do it 12 straight months and you are a rock star, and you get your own kettlebell. Two straight years though? With jobs, kids, travel, sicknesses, etc....seriously? THAT is impressive. When we think of the word commitment, these two individuals are two of the first that come to mind. We want to offer a special congratulations to two incredibly awesome cornerstones of this community, Jen Riggieri and Greg D'Antona. They are residents of the 5am crew, and they don't let anything get in the way of showing up 15+ times a month. That's a fact...obviously. It's an unbelievable accomplishment. No excuses ever from these two when it comes to making the Committed Club. They have bought into the system of showing up consistently, listening, getting a little bit better every day, being patient and picking your spots to reach for a challenge, pushing beyond their limits, and as a result they have seen huge gains physically and mentally. They are also two of the most loyal, supportive, helpful, unselfish people you will meet...these two would give the shirt off their back for you if you ever needed it. We are extremely grateful and proud to call Greg and Jen our friends. The next time you see them, make sure to show them the proper love. Great work guys. We love you both. Cheers!!


Teghpal Singh                      23
Gregory D'Antona               22
Cassidy Noonan                   21
Jennifer Lento                      21
Jennifer Riggieri                  20
Lauren Anderson                 20
Marc Carbone                      20
Melissa Baran                       20
Bella Seligson                       19
Carmen Dinca                       19
Joel McNamee                      19
Marcelo Filho                        19
Michael Kramer                     19
Stephen Lento                      19
William DeBettencourt         19
Anne Moore                          18
Brian Poth                             18
Damon Seligson                    18
Darlene Kelly                         18
Lisbeth Martinez                    18
Manny Alcantara                   18
Nick Markos                           18
Patty Johnson                       18
Preston Lemanski                  18
Theresa Duggan                    18
Todd Longin                           18
Chris Foster                           17
Colleen Sachar                       17
Danny Blake                           17
Elias Demakes                        17
Jared Crafton                         17
Jennifer Seligson                    17
Max Solomon                          17
Mike Burrows                          17
Raquel Montenario                 17
Augustina Ativie                     16
Chuck Sinclair                         16
Heather Bush                          16
Kerry Carr                               16
Stephen Puzzo                        16
Aliza Friedman                        15
Ging Chheang                         15
Joanne Blake                           15
Judy Cassidy                           15
Luis Benzan                             15
Magen Schaiberger                 15
Mimi Adams                             15
Nina Molchanova                     15
Samantha Roy                         15
Shmaya Friedman                   15
Todd Flannery                         15