Committed Club - October 2018

Theresa , who CAHHHH-RUSHED the last 12 months of her life. Congratulations!

Theresa, who CAHHHH-RUSHED the last 12 months of her life. Congratulations!

A huge congratulations to all of our Committed Club members from October. To make the Committed Club, you have to attend 15+ classes in the month. If you go 12 straight months of making the Committed Club, we paint a green kettlebell with you name on it and people get to swing you around all year long.

12 straight month of badass….this past month is a special month because we added another member to the Committed Club. Theresa Coughlin engraved her name in the Swamp Kettlebell Club with an incredible 12 months. She committed herself to a lot of things this year and we were lucky that The Swamp was one of them. On June 1, she wrote, “8 months sober. New month, new goals: 1. Love yourself more 2. Have more fun, laugh more often 3. Surround myself with people I love, who love me back 4. Stay consistent with 5am workouts and put in the work of my weaknesses 5. Get a 4 pack.” As hard as it is to do these things 24/7, we know that you gave it everything you had, and you were able to check all of these boxes on a regular basis. In a year full of self-analysis, honesty, personal sacrifice, determination, and change, you didn’t back down. To an extremely caring and thoughtful person, we offer you a huge Congratulations Theresa! Now the fun part….can you make it TWO years??!! LFG!!

COMMITTED CLUB - October 2018

Stephen Lento 23  
Dan Eccles 22  
Elizabeth Guenard 21  
Kristina Sperounes 21  
Lauren Anderson 21  
Macaulay Robins 21  
Michael Kramer 21  
Darlene Kelly 20  
Jennifer Lento 20  
Mike Burrows 20  
Nick Markos 20  
Raquel Montenario 20  
Shira Dragun 19  
Teghpal Singh 19  
William DeBettencourt 19  
Yokaira Lopez 19  
Anthony Roossien 18  
Brian Rooney 18  
Elysia Sanchez 18  
Ging Chheang 18  
Kerry Chace 18  
Marc Carbone 18  
Orest Manzi 18  
Athena Gomez 17  
Bella Seligson 17  
Chuck Sinclair 17  
Colleen Sachar 17  
Gregory D'Antona 17  
Jeanette Service 17  
Joanne Blake 17  
Tom MacDerment 17  
Tony Marfongelli 17  
Zak Norton 17  
Brian Poth 16  
Theresa Coughlin 16  
Damon Seligson 15  
Eric Guenard 15  
Greg Depatie 15  
Jenna Dudevoir 15  
Nick Ambrozaitis 15  
Preston Lemanski 15