June 2014 Committed Club

pig chicken committmentJune 2014 Committed Club I want to recognize two athletes for their outstanding commitment. Wes Pierce and Colleen Sachar have been members of EVERY Committed Club since we opened (December-June).....seven straight months on this list!! Very, very impressive. Not only do they show up, but they also make sure they are checked in. Keep it up guys.

Announcement: For any member that is part of the Committed Club for 12 straight months, I will have a custom, personalized kettlebell made in their name.

Congratulations to everyone on this list. Just Show Up. #JSU.

Angela Barreda 20
Jackie Collier 20
Michael Smith 19
Rob Barreda 18
Kevin Ramsay 17
Colleen Sachar 17
Melissa Baran 17
Marc Stern 17
Michael Kramer 16
Wes Pierce 16
Paige Darby 16
Johnny Zimmerman-Ward 15
Joe Bennett 15
Anne Moore 15