Paleo WOD - "Burpee Road"

IMG_3872 Burpee Road sign in Swampscott....50 yards from The Swamp's front door.

"Burpee Road"

30 burpees every 2 minutes for as long as you can go.

Basically, you are rewarding yourself with 30 more burpees every two minutes. This is a physical and mental test. How badly do you want to fight to do more work?

1. At any point, if you fail to complete 30 burpees in the 2 minute window, your workout is finished. 2. You can only start your next set of 30 burpees on a 2 minute mark (not a second earlier). Therefore, if you finish your first 30 burpees in 1:30, you do not start your next set of 30 burpees until the 2 minute mark. If you do start, those reps are not counted. 3. Your score is the total number of burpees that you complete. 4. MUST BE COMPLETED by this Sunday, January 5th. 5. Log your scores here on this post.


You get your 30th burpee at 1:59. You immediately start your second round of 30 burpees, but only get 29 of them in by 4:00. Your score is 59. Log your scores here on this post.