Saturday 10-24-15 - NO CLASS

kate brierleyKate Brierley, NPGL athlete for the Baltimore Anthem

Post-Seminar WOD:

"Swinging Elizabeth" 21-15-9 Squat Cleans (135,95) Toes-to-Bar

NO CLASS on Saturday, October 24th


Nutrition Seminar hosted by Kate Brierley from 9am-11am. Cost is $20 (cash)....WOD afterwards for anyone that attends seminar.

This is from Kate:

With the "flexible dieting" and "RP Strength" diets becoming more and more popular, athletes are beginning to second guess their Paleo and Zone decisions. It is all too often we see athletes falling in the Paleo pitfall and injuring themselves or simply running out of fuel because of how heavy on protein and fat their diet is. I strongly believe that a diet higher in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and moderate to lower in fat is the key to athletic performance. After all, that's how athletes have been eating for hundreds of years.

Over the past year I have gone from 144# to 132#, all the meanwhile snatching 190# and a max set of muscle ups at 13 and chest to bar pull ups at 42. I qualified individually for NorCal regionals in 2014 and again for the East Regionals individually in 2015. I played for the NPGL Philly Founders last season and with the Baltimore Anthem this season in the Grid League. Diet has played a huge role in my successes and I am hoping to spread the word so that we can all reach our genetic potential.

On Saturday, October 24th, I will address eating for weight loss, muscle gain, as well as athletic performance with a highlight in the goal of being lean and strong. Attendees will walk away with macros, timing, and an example day of how to eat that way.