Saturday 11-20-15

tow mater Two charitable causes to consider tomorrow:

  1. Please bring in Christmas Child boxes for Raquel to pick up. This is a great opportunity to brighten a child's holiday around the world. The children (and parents of) that these gift boxes will be going to will be very appreciative.
  2. Please consider donating to the fund that Tyler has set up for the Paris Attacks. The Swamp will be matching the donations up to $250. There is a jar on the desk for your generous contributions. We will be donating the funds to a relief program through one of the International Red Cross foundations.

Thank you.

"Tow Mater" Teams of 2: 400m Run 100 Overhead Lunges (45/25) 80 Kettlebell Swings (53,35) 60 Situps 80 Kettlebell Swings 100 Overhead Lunges 400m Run