Saturday 8-22-15

Pat Padgett Guys, this WOD is extremely special. It's in honor of the man in the middle of this photo, Pat Padgett. Pat was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2014, and has been battling ever since. Pat is a CrossFitter and he is a friend of The Swamp's. We did "PR for Pat" last year and we are honoring him again on Saturday, August 22nd. Pat competed as an individual and team member for CrossFit Southie on multiple occasions. He is a gifted athlete and a great human being. He has probably touched more lives than most of us have in our lifetime put together. It is difficult to imagine a more courageous, humble, genuine, inspiring person out there. Anyone who you run into that knows Pat just lights up and immediately starts talking about what a great dude he is. So bring your "A" game tomorrow and leave all your problems at home. It's time to do work in honor of this man. He's one of the good guys.

Below is a really moving blog post from Pat on CrossFit Southie's website from July 31, 2015.

- Mike

” Pat’s WOD ” Amrap 20: 6 Power Cleans (185,135) 12 Burpees 14 TTB 50″ HS Walk / 3 wall walks