TEAM ROSTERS: Spring Cleaning Nutritional Challenge

TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT....Rosters listed below.

Four teams have 12 athletes on their roster and two teams having 13 athletes. Coaches points will be included in the totals. At the end of the challenge, each team will have their points totaled, and then that number will be divided by the number of athletes on that team (either 12 0r 13). Therefore, the winning team will have the HIGHEST AVERAGE POINTS PER ATHLETE. This will undoubtedly come down to decimal points, so make no mistake about it, every point matters.

*Rosters are listed alphabetically by first name.
**Team names can be changed to whatever you want.

Anne's Team:
Anne Moore
Heather Bush
Hugo Jaramillo
Jen Lento
Jenny Ozug
Kevin Reen
Luis Benzan
Magen Schaiberger
Michele Kelly
Rob Sutton
Ryan Delpero
Val Grimes

Jon's Team:
Jon Tibbo
Brandon Cali
Brendan Nolan
Brian Poth
Bogdan Suciu
Jess Barber
Joel McNamee
Kylynn McKinley
Lainey Muller
Lynne Sullivan
Melissa Morehouse
Todd Flannery

Mike's Maniacs:
Mike Dudevoir
Beverly Sharrio
John Turner
Juana Paulino
Judy Cassidy
Max Solomon
Michael Kramer
Nick Markos
Raquel Montenario
Sherri Cole
Steve Lento
Todd Longin

Jenna's Team:
Jenna Dudevoir
Darlene Kelly
Elias Demakes
Jason Trinque
Kate Fanning
Lauren Anderson
Libby Spath
Robbie Barreda
Roberto Miranda
Wes Pierce
Sue Shea
Tyler Howrigan

Colleen's Team:
Colleen Sachar
Aliza Friedman
Anne Quagrello
Chuck Sinclair
Crystal Gubelman
Daveth Cheth
Jimmy Nguyen
Joe Barber
Joe Bennett
Melissa Baran
Patty Johnson
Preston Lemanski
RaShon Comeau

Paddy's Team:
Paddy Boscoe
Aldric Baibay
Clark McMahon
Chris Foster
Dave Nutt
Greg D'Antona
Ivan Sokol
Jen Riggieri
Joanne Blake
Jordan Taras
Kerry Carr
Sandra Prieto
Zak Norton