Sunday 2-15-15 - GYM CLOSED

shoveling fire hydrants Gym Closed due to the blizzard and the anticipated terrible driving conditions during the first portion of the day (at least).

Since all of you work hard to maintain a very active lifestyle, I would be willing to bet that you are some of the fittest, strongest people in your neighborhood. We have six firefighters at The Swamp that have spent 80-90% of their time the last month shoveling out fire hydrants. If you want to get credit for a class tomorrow (or more importantly just want to do your civic duty and keep your family and neighbors safe), you can shovel out a fire hydrant tomorrow. Please do not put yourself or others in danger to do this....taking a rest day is perfectly okay too.

Rules: 1) Must be done after the snow stops. 2) Must be done within walking distance of your house.