Swamp Comp Workouts

In House Wods The following are the workouts for the In-house comp. Each team of three will select two athletes to do each workout (each athlete MUST do 2 workouts) with the remaining workout being for the whole team. These are listed in no particular order...also DO NOT ask any questions about the workouts until we brief you on them on Sunday, if you have questions bring them with you on Sunday....get ready to crush it!

A)  1 minute of max partner over burpees - into - 4 minutes of max WB thrusters ( 20,14 ) - into - 1 minute of max partner over burpees *score = total reps*

B) For Time: 2,000m Row (Athletes must switch every 250m)

C) For Time: 50 Box Jump Overs (20") 40 Russian KBS (53,35) 30 Goblet Squats (53,35) 40 Russian KBS (53,35) 50 Box Jump Overs (20") * Every time partners switch you must do 3 synchronized burpees *

D) AMRAP 9: All athletes competing 50 Single unders / 25 Double Unders 15 Abmat Sit-ups 20 KB Front rack lunges (53,35) * Each athlete starts at a movement, you may not move on to the next movement until EVERY athlete completes all reps.  A full round is the athlete returning to the starting movement*