Swamp Hoodie Pre-Order

We are ordering new hoodies. We will be taking pre-orders for these hoodies until Sunday, December 11th. We will be ordering these on Monday morning. No exceptions. 

Things to know:
- The hoodies are the same material/style/brand as our "thicker" hoodie that we ordered last winter.
- It will be a light grey color (Athletic Heather).
- "The Swamp" will be placed vertically on the left side of the zipper.
- It will have our full arm/font logo on the back.

*We printed out a picture of the hoodie and it is on the front desk at The Swamp with the sign-up sheets.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU WANT ONE: Put your name and size on the signup sheet located at the gym's front desk.

COST: $50....we will charge your card automatically if you sign up for one.