Swamp Life Challenge

swamp life Here is a copy of the email that was sent out last night.

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to kick off our first-ever Swamp Life Challenge. It is a 30-day community challenge that will be inclusive, challenging, and most of all rewarding. It goes without saying....read this email thoroughly as we tried to address everything we could think of.
- It starts when you wake up on Monday, October 26th and will end when you wake up on Wednesday, November 25th (last day of points will be 11/24...this is explained further below).
- No cost.
- Free Monthly Membership to two winners, one male and one female.
- The participants with the most total daily points at the end of the 30 day challenge will be the winners.
- In order to qualify as a winner, you must complete all 30 days of the challenge. If you do not, but you still have most   points, you do not qualify. This means that your points must be filled out for EVERY day by the time we take the tracker sheet down on Wednesday, November 25th.
- If you have any days with zero points, you do not qualify to be a winner. There's literally no justifiable reason to put up a zero during this challenge. So if you do....you don't deserve to win. Sorry.


- Always remember to log your points for the day before, since the sleep points for the day before won't be known until the following day. For example, to log your points for Monday, October 26th, you would come in on Tuesday and put them on the Swamp Life Challenge tracker board that will be posted.
- Be honest with yourself.
- Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
- Do not cut corners.
- Hold yourself accountable.
- Get the most out of it.
- Have fun.

POINT SYSTEM (points in parentheses):

- 10 possible points per day
     (1) Daily WOD or lift at The Swamp - you do not have to attend an actual class.
     (1) Mobility - 10 minutes minimum - foam rolling, lacrosse ball, golf ball, kettlebell, etc.
     (1) Blog - whether you worked out or not.
     (1) Make A Friend -  Introduce yourself to someone that you don't know at The Swamp - you have to blog it.
     (1) Eight hours sleep - nope, we don't care if you go to 5am...go to bed earlier.
     (1) Water intake - >75 ounces for women, >100 for men.
     (1) Nutrition - you pick - Macros/Timing, RP, Paleo, No Processed Sugar, etc
     (1) No Alcohol - as in zero...
     (1) Personal Challenge - e.g. no texting while driving, no complaining, no biting fingernails, etc.
     (1) Midline Tabata (8 rounds) Hold - Choose one, depending on your level: Plank, 6-inch, Hollowman.
- Bonus points
     (10 Points) Refer a new member to The Swamp - they must start between 10/26 and 11/24
     (20 Points) 20+ Attendances from 10/26 to 11/24


- You'll sign up on the Swamp Life Challenge tracker near one of the whiteboards.
- We are not weighing in or taking any measurements of any kind.
- There is no benchmark WOD for this challenge. This is all about getting better at life.
- Yes, you can get a point for working out at another affiliate.
- No, you STILL cannot workout more than three days in a row.
- Mobility - no shortage of areas to work. Shoulders, squat therapy, PVCs, foam rollers, lax balls, so much to choose from. Check out www.mobilitywod.com for more ideas if you would like some.
- Blog it....yes, even tell us about your terrible rest days please.
- Make A Friend - you have to blog who you met to give yourself a point for the introduction. If you introduce yourself to someone and then forget their name an hour later, that's not good enough...be better than that. Sharpen your brain. Remember their name. Blog it or don't count it.
- You may show up to a class and know everyone in the class, thus eliminating your chance to get a point for a new introduction to someone. Oh well, still plenty of other ways to get points.
- Yes, YOU have to be the one to introduce yourself to someone to get the point. Only one way to solve that. Beat them to it!
- Yes, it is tough to get eight hours of sleep when you have kids and go to the 5am. Totally get it. Moving on...
- Yes, that is a lot of water. But it's good for you. If you need some motivation, watch The Waterboy....great flick.
- The nutrition piece is totally up to you. We've had a lot of people tell us that they need a Paleo Challenge. We aren't telling you to do Paleo, but we aren't telling you to not do it either. Do what is right for you. Set your parameters and stick to them. Hold yourself accountable. If you decide to do strict Paleo, it's all or nothing...you get 1 point for a perfect day and 0 points for even the smallest deviation. If it's no processed sugar, same thing. It's the same with whatever you choose. Make it about what you want to do and what you need to do to be healthy and fit. Maybe start small and be more realistic, that would be my advice if you have never done a challenge before.
- Nope, still no alcohol. And since tequila is alcohol, that means....you guessed it! No tequila...sorry.
- The personal challenge can be whatever you want. It's personal to you. Maybe it is something you've been trying to improve/eliminate in your life for a while. It has to be a goal that you can accomplish daily. Make it practical. Make it something that makes you a better human being in some way. You can share it if you would like or if you do not feel comfortable, you can keep it private.
- Midline work - you start where you start. There are three levels - Plank, 6-inch, Hollowman. If you can't do 8 unbroken rounds of 6-inch holds, then you don't start with them. You start the challenge with plank holds until you can comfortably hold a plank unbroken for 8 rounds, then move on to 6-inch holds until you can hold those unbroken for 8 rounds, then you move to Hollowman.
- 10 points for any Swamp referrals. They just have to start at The Swamp during the challenge (10/26 - 11/24). They do not have to stay for any minimum period of time for you to receive the 10 point bonus.
- 20 points for 20+ attendances. We check everyone in but just giving you a heads up....if you show up late to class and we are already at the whiteboard, there is a strong chance that you won't get checked in. Moral of the story...show up on time or check yourself in through your smart phone.
Hopefully this answered all of the (reasonable and sane) questions. As always, please read this email at least five times before even considering asking a question. Then try to pawn the question off on at least three of your friends to see if they will ask it for you. If they all say 'no', and you still have the question, then and only then should you ask Paddy. However, he will most likely mock you in front of a crowd, and then put your question on the "Best Questions" list, and still not answer it for you.
Love you guys!! Let's have fun with this.

Best Regards,

The Swamp