The CrossFit Open

CTWdesignOur friend Kevin Daigle from CrossFit HQ is the creator/owner of the "CTW" mantra.

Kevin is a passionate CrossFitter, a great source of wisdom, and a very talented writer. Check out the article he wrote this weekend on The CrossFit Open.

EVERY class on Friday from February 28th to March 28th (with makeup day on Sundays) will be doing the Open WOD, regardless of whether you officially signed up. The 6pm class on Friday nights will be the "Friday Night Fights" edition of the Open, and we want to have as many people here at The Swamp as possible. We will be running heats, everyone will have a judge, the playlists will be on point, and the music will be loud. So even if you worked out earlier in the day, and you want to show up in street clothes, grab a Sam Adams from the fridge that we've been desperately trying to get rid of since our open house, bring food, and just cheer people on....that is totally encouraged! The more the merrier. Let's have some fun with this guys and girls.