Weekend Schedule Changes & Local Competitions

We have some exciting stuff going on the next three weekends. More specifically, we have some of our own athletes, our friends, competing in local CrossFit competitions in the region. Important: We are going to be altering a few classes over the next three weekends so that anyone that wants to go support our friends competing, can do so without missing too much of the action.

  1. Sunday, January 12th - 5:30pm - 7pm Open Gym (no 9am class)
  2. Saturday, January 18th - 8am class (moved from 9am)
  3. Saturday, January 25th - 8am class (moved from 9am)

Sunday, January 12th - CrossFit 2A (Acton, MA)

Swamp Teams Competing:

  • Team Brogenex - Paddy Boscoe & Nick Ambrozaitis
  • Swamp Dudes - Chris Chaves & Nick Marfongelli

Saturday, January 18th - North Shore CrossFit (Danvers, MA)

Swamp Teams Participating:

CrossFit The Swamp - Team A

  • Katelyn Fanning
  • Anne Moore
  • Manny Alcantara
  • Jon Tibbo

CrossFit The Swamp - Team B

  • Jackie Cabral
  • Jenna Dudevoir
  • Emery Green
  • Brandon Cali

Saturday, January 25th - Seaport World Trade Center (Boston, MA)

Swamp Athletes Competing:

  • Paddy Boscoe
  • Nick Ambrozaitis

***The East Coast Championships will be THE biggest CrossFit competition outside of the CrossFit Games that this sport has ever seen.There are 25+ CrossFit Games competitors competing in this event, including the reigning 3-time CF Games Champion Rich Froning, as well as the 2013 Runner-Up Female Competitor Lindsey Valenzuela. This will be an extraordinary display of CrossFit athleticism and you will not want to miss it. We have two of our own guys competing!! Please let Paddy, Nick, or Mike know if you are interested in getting tickets. We will be purchasing a block of tickets over the next day or so.